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many people suffer from demodex mites

Our products deal with most of these problems and can give you blemish free skin!

With 11 years of experience in treating demodecosis and related skin problems we have 1000’s of customer recommendations.

For any questions regarding demodex mites and skin problems, please have a look at our Demodex related FAQs section.

Postage and packing including shipping costs – please refer to our Shipping/Delivery FAQs section.

If you have any queries, while using our products, please email your question mailto: info@demodex.com
We will try to answer as soon as possible.

You can also find a lot of practical information in our Forum

We are the sole agents for Zhongzhou ointment ZZ Cream and our DS products in the world except China.
We guarantee the origin and quality of our products which you can find in our shop.
Please note and be aware of counterfeit products with the same texts and packaging sold all over the web.

The cosmetic version from the ZZ Cream will be available locally soon.

Don't hesitate to mail us if any question.

The Demodex team

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