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3% Metronidazole eyelash cream

3% Metronidazole eyelash cream
3% Metronidazole cream eyelash treatment against demodex mites.
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3% Metronidazole sterile eyelash cream is an effective alternative to kill demodex mites in the eyelash roots, preventing loss of eyelashes and infections (Blepharitis).
In most cases the 2% metronidazole version is sufficient.

Directions for use:
Always wash your hand well before manipulating the eyelashes to avoid infections, it is a big help if you massage the eyelashes between your fingers before applying the cream, the aim is to remove any blockages to the eyelash roots so the cream can reach the mites better, maybe not so easy to do for most people so if this is too difficult for you, just clean the eyelashes with physiological water or just pure water before applying.

WARNING: Eyes are very precious, ALWAYS use eyelash treatments under the guidance of your doctor.

Net weight: 10 Gr.
Zhongzhou Zinc oxide and sublimed sulfur ointment (ZZ Cream) - This ointment eliminates all demodex mites and germs, stops the itch, relieves inflammation.
Developed to cure demodicosis, rosacea, many forms of acne, rhinophyma (Swollen nose) and other nonspecific skin impurities.
Don't compare this ointment with any other sulphur based product, the base which is a complex formula on his own is specially developed to penetrate the skin and besides the main ingredients, Sublimed Sulphur, Zinc oxide and Menthol, the ointment contains many different Chinese herbs to make the ointment as effective as possible.
This is definitely the best and safest product existing on the market today to eliminate demodex mites.
Contains no antibiotics, no cortisone or other harmful ingredients.

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Net weight: 20 gr.
Our Price: US$36.00

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Two months demodex treatment - Two months anti demodex treatment.
SAVE money 15 % Discount
Contains four Fumanling Creams (3% metro) plus
four Zhongzhou Ointments.
Our Price: US$241.00

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Three months demodex treatment - Three months anti demodex treatment.
SAVE money 20 % Discount
Contains six Fumanling Creams (3% metro) plus
six Zhongzhou Ointments.
Our Price: US$340.00

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Acarid removing anti bacterial soap (New improved formula) - Gentle bar Soap which helps to remove parasites, kills bacteria and fungus.

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Weight: 100 gr.
Our Price: US$9.50

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DS shampoo (Improved formula) - DS Shampoo is specially created to Eliminate demodex mites and germs in hair and scalp, stopping the itch and relieving inflammation, brings and keeps the hair and scalp healthy..
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Content: 200 ml.
Our Price: US$28.00

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