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Cosmetic Fumanling cream

Cosmetic Fumanling cream
A invention from the Fumanling factory, this cream is not intended as a demodex treatment but to improve and maintain the beauty of the skin, this cream makes the skin soft and smooth.

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Net weight: 30 gr.
Our PriceUS$29.00
Codefumanling no metro
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Directions for use:
Apply two times a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. Clean your face and apply a bit cream everywhere, softly rubbing it into the skin.

The cream is a complex preparation, the main components are
liquid extracted from Japanese Stemona Root
liquid extracted from Dahurian Angelica Root
liquid extracted from Hair-vein Agrimony Herb (Agrimonia Pilosa)
and other

(1) The cream must be careful used for people who have eczema or hypersensitivity dermatitis.
(2) Can give with some people a momentary little burning feeling, this is not dangerous and normal.

Keep the cream in a dry place at room temperature , closed and away from sunlight.
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