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Skin care

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Cosmetic Fumanling cream

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Code: fumanling no metro
A invention from the Fumanling factory, this cream is not intended as a demodex treatment but to improve and maintain the beauty of the skin, this cream makes the skin soft and smooth.

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The same discount applies with any combination of ZZ ointment & Xin Fumanling cream

Net weight: 30 gr.
Price : US$29.00

Aloemei Essential

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Code: aloeessence
The magic effect of Aloemei Essential:
With special small molecule extraction technology, Aloemei Aloe Extract is extracted from pure aloe vera without addition of deionized water, essence, alcohol or colouring material. It is a concentrated pure aloe liquid in small molecules. It can create a protection shield on the surface of the skin to help diminish inflammation, kill bacteria, and moisturize and whiten the skin thus preventing pimples. With continuous use, It will help to keep the skin healthy.

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Content: 120 ml.
Shelf life: 3 years
Price : US$21.00

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