Demodex Related Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


• Q: What damage can Demodex Mites provoke? (Rosacea, Acne, Blepharitis, Rhinophyma)

• Q: I have an oily/greasy skin, will I always have acne?

• Q: I am losing my Eyelashes/Eyebrows?

• Q: Can teenager acne also be caused by demodex mites?

• Q: Why are demodex mites so difficult to eliminate?

• Q: can I use other stuff like pesticides?

• Q: Are our products a cure?

• Q: How long do they live away from the skin?

• Q: How long must I continue the treatment?

• Q: Are Demodex Mites contagious?

• Q: Do I need to take antibiotics?

• Q: Can I use the ZZ Cream for pets, demodex canis?

• Q: Be aware for fake products?

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Q: What damage can Demodex Mites provoke? (Rosacea, Acne, Blepharitis, Rhinophyma)

A: Demodex mites are conditional-pathogenic parasites, they don't live in symbiosis with us, they use us to feed and thrive but give nothing back.
Demodex mites live inside the sebaceous glands and hair follicles, damaging the hair roots and the cell walls, blocking the pores.
In the dark they crawl out of the pores on the surface of the skin for mating and when going back in the skin, they take bacteria with them which live on everybody's skin but normally can not penetrate the skins defence layer, this can be one reason for infections.
Second and probably biggest reason for acne infections is that when they die, they expose their host specific bacteria into the skin, again creating infections.
The physical, chemical and mechanical stimulation of the skin by the mites can cause the immune system to react in extreme ways, Local allergic inflammation, Rosacea, Erythema, Blepharitis, Papules and Pustules, Rhinophyma (thickening of the nose) are all reactions by the immune system.
Most people have Demodex mites without them doing much harm but even a little spot now and then can be because of Demodex mites. If not already from childhood, Demodex mites problems can show up suddenly in whatever age. It is important when there are early symptoms from rosacea, Rhinophyma, Erythema to eliminate Demodex mites as soon as possible, otherwise, the immune system will react more and more severe, depending on the individual resulting in red skin, acne, ruff dry skin, swollen nose etc.
So in short, Demodex mites can provoke skin problems because of two different reasons (Can be combination of the two)

Bacterial: Acne, Widened pores, Oily skin

Immune system: Acne Rosacea, Rosacea, Itch, Rhinophyma, Erythema, Acne like lessons, Blepharitis

If you have any more questions, please mailto:

The slider down here shows examples from skin problems caused by demodex mites.

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Q: I have an oily/greasy skin, will I always have acne?

A: No, an oily/greasy skin does not mean you need to have acne, an greasy skin only becomes acne when there are infections and the reason for this infections are many times Demodex mites.
If you eliminate the Demodex mites this infections will stop and your skin will get smooth and soft again, your pores will become smaller and your facial skin back to normal.
Removing the Demodex mites will also reduce the infections from shaving witch some man suffer from.
Also important to know is that demodex mites can stimulate the sebaceous glands to produce more than normal oil/sebum. Please note that this (too much sebum) can also have a genetically reason.
Naturally, one cannot blame everything on Demodex mites, some bacteria can also cause acne but if antibiotics doesn't help, then you can almost be sure that it is a demodex mites problem.
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Q: I am losing my Eyelashes/Eyebrows?

A: Demodex mites can cause serious problems with the eye lashes and even Blepharitis in the long run.
Many woman are losing their eye lashes because of Demodex activity, the reason more woman than man have this problem is probably because of using makeup, mascara etc.
Using our 2 or 3% Metronidazole eyelash cream will solve this problems, if Demodex mites where indeed the reason your eyelashes will grow back.
Please be very, very careful with your eyes, never use any of our products on the eyes except our eyelash cream. In case of eye problems, always consult with your physician before you use any kind of medication on your eyes.
Eyebrows can also thinning because of demodex mites activity, best to use the ZZ Cream to solve this problem.
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Q: Can teenager acne also be caused by demodex mites?

A: In many cases yes.
Based on our experience we think that around 70% of teenager acne is caused by demodex mites, 30% is a pure bacterial problem.
The change in the hormone balance at that age makes the sebaceous glands produce more sebum so making the facial skin a perfect flourishing place for the mites, they multiply much more than before and this is translated in infections and acne.
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Q: Why are demodex mites so difficult to eliminate?

A: Demodex mites burrow deep into the skin and are well hidden inside the hair follicles and sebaceous glands, making them very hard to reach.
The eggs and nymphs cannot be killed because they are protected with a membrane that seals them well, not one product can do this....
The only way is to kill the adults when they are close to the skins surface or crawling out the pores and break the breading circle by using a safe treatment which you can use for a longer time but strong enough to do the job.
The mites surface most of the time in the evening/night, that’s why the night application is the most important one.
Our products are specially made for this task, they have many years of development testing and improvement behind them and are proved to work.
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• Q: can I use other stuff like pesticides?

Using a pesticide for a couple of times will do almost nothing and pesticides are very bad for your health, what is important to know is that the more you tease them with ineffective products the worse it will become, if you want to treat for demodex mites do it well, otherwise don't.
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• Q: Are our products a cure?

Depends how you look at it, our products, if used well and for the required time will eliminate the mites and cure you from them, however, since so many people are carriers of demodex mites it is possible to become re-infected by means of partner, kissing, facial contact, wet towels used by other people etc.
That is why we recommend to do a maintenance treatment after the symptoms are gone, this is not a big deal though, just using a couple of times in a month or when you think about it in the evening/night a tiny bit ZZ Cream or Fumanling Cream will keep them away.
Some people need a maintenance treatment, others don't, no rule for this.
Please don't become paranoid and start to be obsessed not to touch other people or whatever, really no need to, most people once cured don't get problems anymore, however, if you are vulnerable for this mites it can happen the symptoms are coming back because of reinfection, if you are, you can avoid this by using once in a while like already explained.
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• Q: How long do they live away from the skin?

Demodex mites die very soon in a dry environment, they can only live for a couple of hours away from the host.
In a wet environment however, like towels and pillow cases, this can be longer and extend to some days.
Best and most easy way to kill them is by putting the towels and pillow cases in a hot air drying machine.
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• Q: How long must I continue the treatment?

1: Facial skin problems, back and chest acne:
The goal is to eliminate all the demodex mites or at least to bring them down to a few.
In average, to eliminate the long demodex mites (folliculorum) you need continuous treatment for 90 days,
for the short demodex mites (brevis) it will take 120 days.
Since without a test you can never know if you also have demodex brevis mites it is advisable to treat always at least for 120 days to be sure they are all gone, however, the majority of the mites will be eliminated after one month.
Even if the symptoms disappeared it doesn't mean that they are completely gone. If you discontinue the treatment before the mites are eliminated, there is a possibility that they multiply again.
Please understand that the treatment time is for everybody different, it depends on the skin type but also how severe the problems are, if the immune system is involved yes or no etc.
Don't become disappointed when it takes a while before you see improvement, some people have wonderful results in one week, for others it takes many months.
They key to success is to continue treating, don't give up, you will be thankful later you did.

2: Eyelash problems:
The eyelash problems are caused only by demodex folliculorum so more easy to eliminate.
Most of the time the problems are gone quite fast, usually several weeks but also here is the rule that everybody reacts different, the treatment can take up till 3 months.
Eyes are very precious, NEVER use any of our other products on the eyelashes than our Eyelash cream......
ALWAYS use eyelash treatments under the guidance of your doctor.
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• Q: Are Demodex Mites contagious?

Yes, demodex mites are contagious.
We get them already as a baby from other persons by physical contact like kissing, hugging, using the same towels etc.
It is impossible to avoid this and it is also not important, most people never get any problems with them.
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• Q: Do I need to take antibiotics?

In most cases this is not necessary, rather an exception.
Sometimes, besides the infections caused by demodex mites, there can be an additional bacterial problem which our products cannot solve, our products can kill some bacteria but not all kinds.
It is not so easy to find out if this is the case.
some tell tales are:
Spots which appear with no obvious reason like a red flat spot in the beginning which gets slowly wider
and raised just a bit, not a lot of pus inside.
after months of treating still too much infections.

Taking antibiotics can also benefit people who have too severe outbreaks the first weeks from killing the mites
Usually one month tetracycline antibiotic is prescribed
Please ask your doctor for a prescription, never take antibiotics without consulting your doctor first.
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• Q: Can I use the ZZ Cream for pets, demodex canis?

Yes the ZZ cream is perfect to treat local demodex mite problems on your dog/pet.
Demodex canis
Many dogs have local places with less hair and/or little infections which are many times because of demodex mites, best to let your veterinary do a scraping to be sure it is indeed a demodex mite problem.
The ZZ cream is not so suitable for a generalized demodex problem, it would be too difficult to treat the whole dog and probably the dog/pet will lick the most of anyway.
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• Q: Be aware for fake products?

As we all know, China is the champion in fake products and no difference for our products, the Xin Fumanling cream and The Zhongzhou ointment are copied all the time and are sold with exactly the same package, this are inferior products and doesn't work so be careful.
































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