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ZZ Cream is amazing... both effective treatment and cost effective (12/9/2019)
ZZ Cream is a miracle product that literally delivers on its promises. While I don't have many symptoms of rosecea, I've struggled with demodex for many years. Using this product routinely produced results that genuinely exceeded my expectations and completely cleared my skin. I noticed 60% improvement after the first two weeks and 95% improvement in the past 2 1/2 months. My skin is clear, facial and neckline bumps are gone, redness disappeared and pores are Significantly improved. An added bonus is my skin appears much younger with far less wrinkles. I use approximately one jar per week which may sound expensive to some... but considering what one would have to spend on doctor visits (and likely have lesser results), the price is a bargain. Only caution is: only use this cream around your eyes in the evening before bed, the fumes alone will make your eyes water and appear irritated; but the results are definitely worth this relatively small inconvenience.

classic-car -
Cleared up my rosacea! (11/14/2019)
I don't typically write reviews, but I feel I owe one to this product. I first found ZZ cream about 15 years ago, when it could only be ordered from China. I have not tried this new formula, so I cannot really speak to it, but the stuff I used 15 years ago, cured my rosacea and I have never had a need to use it again. Follow the directions and you will not be disappointed!

Michele Wheeler -
Fixed my adult acne problem 100%. (11/14/2019)
I was all of a sudden plagued with adult acne when I was in my early 40's... no idea why or where it came from but it was bad... my cheeks were bright red with a patch of red bumps. I tried several different things that didn't work, and was finally told by an esthetician that it was demodex mites causing the problem. Of course I was horrified, and found this product online soon after. I could tell after the first application that it was helping my skin... very soothing and menthol feeling, I could feel it seeping into my pores and just knew it was going to work. Cannot recommend this product enough, for folks who are experiencing the same mysterious skin problem ~ believe me no American dermatologist will be knowledgable about it or admit that mites are to blame.. they just want to prescribe antibiotics and rosasea creams that don't work. I will be forever impressed and thankful for Chinese medicine and zz cream/Demodex Solutions.

Amazon Customer -
Must have for people with rosacea. (10/11/2019)
If you suffer from rosacea this is a musts have. I have been using ZZ cream for years along with the bar soap by them, DEMODEX Solutions for my rosacea. Usually I order on line from China and buy a year's supply to save on shipping. I am very happy to find on Amazon they need to add the soap now. In the past the only treatment was low dose antibiotic doxycycline and a sulfur cream, that didnt work very well, plus issues from being on antibiotics. The only other option was laser v-beam treatments. Laser treatment was painfull and expesive. Even with the other treatment still had problems, itchy eyes, and scalp. Had to be carefully in the sun, forget summer outdoor activities unless you wanted to look like a beet face. Now I have no problems with rosacea. Wash face with the soap and apply ZZ cream morning and night, can also apply any makeup or other face cream, sun block after with no problems.

Kindle Customer -
No more Rosacea -- saved my face ! (10/8/2019)
A friend on a Rosacea support group in 2005 turned me onto ZZ Cream. Twice daily applications (morning and before bed) for 4 months along with cutting out sugar gave me back my skin, without needing to take medication or do laser treatments. Had rosacea flareups in 2008, and again in 2012 and 2013 (very high stress and sloppy eating) but 4-month ZZ Cream treatments took care of them. Last purchase was 3/2019 for occasional use. Now, ZZ Cream ordering can be done through Amazon. Cost of $39 for a jar with prime free shipping is a huge bargain. Ordering from Hong Kong used to cost between $13 and $19 to ship, and a jar was $33 to $43. For 4-month treatment will take 6 to 8 jars to complete the treatment, so take full advantage of the discount. Absolutely worth the cost to have clear skin. Can't recommend enough. Would give 10 stars if I could. The first picture was 2003, two years before finding the Rosacea support group and five years after the first appearance of the rosacea. The second picture is in 2007. I completed the 4-months of ZZ Cream treatment and continued to heal my face through dietary means and a maintenance application of the ZZ Cream several times a week. People marvel that I had rosacea because you can't tell from looking at my face. ZZ Cream is a face saver!

rachael_m -

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